Media tells me what to think what to believe and who to berate
Go against and you’re asking for the end

Say the wrong thing and they’ll come for your career family and life
Annoyance displeasure hostility
Annoyance displeasure ha ha

Subliminal messaging infects the youth

they want us pinned against each other so they can stay in power.

Overwhelmed by sheer size of its grasp lures you in its trap making you a puppet of the state just like the rest of them

Annoyance displeasure hostility
Annoyance displeasure hostility

Bring me nuts bolts and screws
For the screwed on heads
And can you be a dear and pick me up some Shanghai Sally while you’re at it

Power hungry fuckers controlled by the greed

Taking donations no one sees.

Change the channel and see the same damn thing.
Governments run by 4 companies that wouldn’t blink an eye if your grandma died.

-Just Screaming-

Deep in a shagged out strip club getting my dick sucked

I see through your alien illusions bequeathed upon star city
400MHz coochie shrink ray