About RFNP

Music is meant to make you move and feel its energy.  Indie Rockers Ring Finger No Pinky provide a sound that punches you in the face with how they feel and challenges our society with smart angry riffs and lyrics. They just want to bring back that ‘rock’ attitude that seems to have gone off the rails in mainstream music today.


The Arizona based band aims to be something new, but you can hear them channeling the revolutionary bands of the past and adding their own unique edge. David Erickson and Griffin Brown, long time friends and band creators, bring a much needed energy to jump start the Post Covid world.  The Ring Finger No Pinky (RFNP) sound is The Stooges, Nirvana, Parquet Courts, the Oh Sees, Death Grips, and King Krule maybe…..But they are RFNP.  You decide.


Although Ring Finger No Pinky is relatively new to the scene, their passion and energy is infectious.   Get ready to join in the sonic anarchy with Ring Finger No Pinky. RFNP will release their new EP, Edibles and Pneumonia, in March 2023.  Check out their latest single, On the Pavement.  The song will leave you wanting more.


Griffin Brown is RFNP’s lead singer and frontman. Brown has lived in Phoenix for the past 17 years and currently attends Scottsdale Community College. The band is his life’s passion.  He is currently working on obtaining a degree in audio production to expand his music knowledge and grow the RFNP brand.


David Erickson is the out of this world RFNP drummer. He is currently studying graphic design at Scottsdale Community College with plans to attend Arizona State University. Erickson was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and is passionate about art and mixed media creation as well as growing the following and opportunities for his band.